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Allphin, Lisa

3rd Grade Teacher


As an educational leader, I am known for my passion and persistence in supporting social, emotional, and academic development. My experience spans over 20 years as a teacher in preschool, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary environments as well as administrative positions as a principal and curriculum specialist. My expertise often is sought by teachers, principals, and university professors.

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I was raised in Sacramento and lived for over 20 years in California's East Bay Area. In 2016, I was very excited to move to Seattle. I enjoy walking on the trails, exploring the different neighborhoods, and taking in the incredible views.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela

Anderson, Ava

Special Education Assistant - Distinct

Anderson, Laine

Speech Pathologist - Communication Disorder

Aoki-Kramer, Carol

Physical Therapist

Arce-Gaxiola, Tania

Mental Health Therapist Associate - School-Based Health Clinic

Baughman, Anna

Instrumental Music

Betz-Zall, David

Special Education Assistant - 2-5 FOCUS

Blocker, Jade

School Nurse

Brown, Andrew

Special Education Assistant - PCIS

Brown, Dezirae

Special Education Assistant - PCIS

Bryant, Jessica

Tutor - Grade 5

Bull, Cliff

Tutor - Grade 3

Chisholm, Sam

Physical Therapist

Choi, Joana

1st Grade Teacher

Cooper, Josie

Special Education Assistant - Distinct

D’Antoni, Broc

Special Education Teacher K-2 FOCUS

Davis, Heather

K/1 Teacher

Delgado, Alvin

2nd Grade Teacher

Denny, Jill

Tutor - Grade 5

Diaz, Davina

Preschool Instructional Assistant