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Schulz, Laura

4/5 Teacher

Shearer, Diane

Classified Nurse

Smith, Maria

Office Assistant

Smuidrins, Robert

Special Education Assistant - Aspire

Spring, Amanda

K/1 Teacher

Biography Teacher-Kindergarten

St Marie, Ann

Physical Therapy Assistant

Steers, Tobin

Special Education Teacher 3-5 FOCUS

Stemle, Catherine


Sylvester, Simone

Special Education Assistant - Distinct

Talbot, Sarah


Hello Visitors, Lowell Elementary School is a welcoming place for students to learn and grow. We serve the downtown area, plus parts of Capitol Hill and the International District. Our curriculum is challenging and our expectations for student learning is high. Our staff that is enthusiastic, connected, and expert at instruction. We look forward to each and every moment of joyful learning with our students. Thanks, Sarah Talbot Principal

Teraberry, Kim

Health and Office Support

Tharp, Lillian

Preschool Teacher

Biography I have had the pleasure of working in P-3 settings for the past 11 years and bring a strong special education background to my role as the classroom teacher. My teaching philosophy is centered in equity and embraces the idea that children are active learners who use social experiences and knowledge to construct their understanding of the world around them. I believe that children thrive in an environment that both that nurtures individual preferences and creativity but that also supports critical life skills like problem solving and empathy. In preschool we teach and encourage these skills across the following developmental domains: literacy, math, science, language, art and social skills. I am thrilled to be teaching preschool at Lowell!

Thompson, Tracey

Social Worker

Tran, Paul

2/3 Teacher

Vu, Luan

ELL Teacher

Watson, Tammy

Admin Secretary