Lowell Elementary School


Lowell Elementary School

Lowell Elementary is a magical place where students from all over the world with a diversity of strengths and challenges come together with staff each day to learn and grow academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.  Lowell serves students in our Capitol Hill neighborhood and students from the downtown area. 

Our school population includes students on track to meet and/or exceed standard; students with mild to significant disabilities; students who together, speak over 20 different languages; students eligible for free/reduced lunch (67%);  students/families who are homeless and/or in traditional housing, and students who are advanced learners.  We are truly an urban school, with all that an urban school has to offer.

We use the Common Core standards to guide our instructional practices and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to guide our work in supporting student social, behavioral, and emotional learning.  To be responsive to the needs of the whole child our work is structured through an Integrated Multi-tiered System of Support.  We strive each day to close the Opportunity Gap, see our work through an equity lens, and dedicate ourselves to forming positive relationships with each student and family who walks through our school doors.

Our History

  • 1890: School opened and was named the Pontius School
  • 1891: Renamed Columbia School
  • 1910: Renamed Lowell School honoring James Russell Lowell, 19th century poet, scholar and diplomat from Massachusetts
  • 1973: New playground facilities installed making Lowell the first school in the nation with a play area designed to allow equal access for students with disabilities
  • 1997-2011: The Accelerated Progress Program (APP) and programs for students with significant disabilities operated in the building
  • 2011-2012 we became a neighborhood and downtown area school, serving a diverse student population.


As of August 23rd, 340 students are projected to attend kindergarten through grade 5 classrooms at Lowell Elementary, Fall 2017.  Our AM and PM preschool Special Education programs are adding new students each day, putting our overall student populations close to 380.  This number is predicated to roll up and down over the next few weeks; our goal is to enroll 330 K-5th graders on the first day of school.  Note:  programming for our building is based on the K-5 count only.

Although we will not know for sure until the beginning of school, we are planning on three kindergarten, first, and second grade classrooms, two third and fourth grade classrooms, and a fourth/fifth grade split and a 5th grade classroom.  Our numbers fluctuate each day.

Special Education services include a Resource Room (1.4 FTE), a primary and intermediate Focus program, one Distinguished classroom (referred by the District as “Distinct”) , and one classroom for students with significant disabilities (medically fragile).  We have three preschool programs, including extended day programming, serving different student groups in the AM and PM.

Currently, 24% of our students are Caucasian.  The majority of our students come from all over the world and represent many races and ethnic groups.

Over 25% of our students speak a language other than English at home.

Approximately 20% of our students projected to attend Lowell are homeless or living in transitional housing.

At the end of the last school, over 67% of our students qualified for free and/or reduced lunch; this is comparison of the start of last year with 50% of students qualified for free/and or reduced lunch

Our Mission

At Lowell Elementary School , we build students’ academic and emotional success and self-efficacy by creating an inclusive and equitable community . We collaborate to build trust through universal practices, and we have high expectations for each of our learners – adults and children.

Our joy in learning gives us balance and energy so that each of us works for all of us every day .


Our Vision

Our vision is to grow Dragons who are actively engaged in learning within a collaborative school climate and culture built on relationships, informed by a lens of equity, and rich with academic and social emotional learning opportunities.

Contact Us

1058 East Mercer Street
Seattle, WA 98102

Main Office: 206-252-3020
Attendance: 206-252-3024
Fax: 206-252-3021

Principal Sarah Talbot

Principal: Sarah Talbot