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Meet Lowell Staff and Tour the School

This bulletin board pictured above welcomes students as they enter each morning.

Meet the 2021-22 Lowell Staff and Tour the School

Please review the Welcome to Lowell presentation to see images of Lowell staff and the Lowell school building.

Feel free to contact us at 206-252-3020 or email Assistant Principal Chelsea Dziedzic at

PCIS Preschool Team

Ms. Lily, Ms. Sara Joy, Ms. Myzhanique

Developmental Preschool Team

Mr. Chris, Ms. Kelsie, Ms. Ava

Teacher Cate, Teacher Davina “D”, Teacher Adrienne “A”


Ms. Comings and Ms. Choi

1st Grade

Ms. Parks, Ms. Jess, and Ms. Spring

2nd Grade

Ms. Allphin, Teacher Paul, Ms. Rae – 2nd Grade

3rd Grade

Ms. Bree, Mr. Delgado, Mr. Tim – 3rd Grade

4th/5th Grade

Teacher Jing, Ms. Laura, Ms. Delight, and Teacher Summer

Administration Team

Dr. Talbot is the principal of Lowell. Ms. Dziedzic (pronounced Jay-Jick) is the assistant principal.

Dr. Talbot and Ms. Dziedzic
Dr. Talbot and Ms. Dziedzic