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    Our goal is for all our students to be scientifically literate. Our mission is to help all students investigate scientifically in order to construct and acquire conceptual understanding of their world, develop positive scientific attitudes, and become scientifically literate. This is accomplished through a collaborative, interactive, rigorous science program responsive to the needs of diverse learners.

    Our PreK-12 Science program offers:

    Instructional Materials

    Based on state and national science standards. These materials are field-tested and researched in classrooms by small teams of expert teachers, university science educators, and scientists. 


    Assessments measure what students have learned. Data and observations are used to evaluate the program for effectiveness.

    Washington State Science Assessments

    Washington State continues to assess students in Science using the Measurement of Student Progress test (MSP) in grades 5 and 8 and the Biology End of Course exam (EoC>) in grade 10. Students in WA State will continue to be assessed on the former 2009 WA State Science Standards until Spring 2018. Please visit the state assessment webpage for more information:


    Administrative and Community Support across the School District

    This support includes administrators who encourage and support teachers; university scientists who collaborate with the instruction of science content courses for teachers; families who explore what their children are learning; and organizations, institutions and businesses that offer in-kind and financial resources.

    Contact Us

    Mary Margaret Welch
    Science Program Manager

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