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    Happy Summer, Dragons!

    I am excited to start a new school year as the Principal at Lowell Elementary school.  I've been working on a few projects this summer and can't wait for students to return in the fall and see all our wonderful changes.

    One thing I've done is hire a new Assistant Principal - Andrew Zillig is joining us from B.F. Day Elementary school, where he taught kindergarten.  Andrew is working on implementing more restorative justice practices and ensuring that we have a safe and orderly school all day, every day.  He's also working on making some improvements to the physical building, which will hopefully reduce the clutter in our halls and make our school feel more warm and inviting.  We will have some remodeling in our first floor restrooms, replaced light fixtures throughout the building, and new doors for safety and beauty!  We are also going to see some  great fresh paint thanks to our community churches of Capital Hill and their generous and ongoing support.

    I've also been working with our two Administrative Interns - Laura Schulz and Hannah Moffit - to connect our work this summer to the important work already done at Lowell.  They're leading some efforts in positive behavior interventions and supports, including school wide instruction around social and emotional learning and supportive interventions for students who need more learning in this area.

    Many teachers have been in and out of the building this summer doing important work to prepare for next year.  Teachers have planned next year's daily instructional schedule, designed a retreat for our staff in the fall, and hired a few Instructional Assistants.  We have also started to hire the two Classroom Teachers we'll need for next year.  Next, teachers will come in to help us hire a .8 Resource Teacher and a .5 Instructional Assistant.  We've been able to have parent input on the hiring teams so far, but if you'd like to join our list of available parents, email me!

    I've also had the opportunity to meet with several community groups who are eager to pitch in to ensure that Lowell students have everything they need for learning.  A working group from Amazon and the Jr. League of Seattle are working on supplies, and the Jr. League is sending some interior designers to help teachers beautify their classrooms. All Seattle Kids Home and the PTA are working on ensuring we all have food security, and All Seattle Kids Home has connected us with some ways to gather other supports for families facing housing insecurity.

    In short, it's been so much fun starting work at Lowell!  I can't WAIT until the kids come back and the real fun begins!  In the meantime, I hope everyone is reading enjoyable books for an hour a day, playing outside as much as possible, and following your joyful curiosities wherever they may take you  this summer.

    Best Wishes,

    Sarah Talbot
    Principal, Lowell Elementary School