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    Universal Breakfast Launch
    Posted on 02/11/2017
    Saturday, February 18th
    We have made it through our first three days of the Universal Breakfast launch.

    AmeriCorp (United Way of King County), Nutrition Services and Dr. Stump debriefed on Friday.  As a team, we're identifying ways that will result in all students eating breakfast prior to start of the school day.  When going through the line, we're asking students if they have eaten breakfast and give a high-5 to those who have already eaten at home.  We encourage others to go through the line, and fuel-up for the day.

    At this point, we have increased the number of students eligible for free/reduced lunch eating breakfast.  Our goal is for 190 of these students to eat breakfast;  Wednesday - 160 (the fact that it was raining and it was the first day seemed to have a positive impact on the numbers); Thursday - 124, and Friday - 128. Prior to the launch, we were averaging 95 to 100 students eligible for FRL eating breakfast.  So, we're on our way but still have work to do.

    Thanks to everyone for supporting this effort.  We can, as a community, ensure that each student is ready to learn each day at Lowell.

    Wednesday, February 15th
    Universal Breakfast was launched on Wednesday, February 15th, with the highest count of students eating breakfast this year.  We are working out the kinks and will be meeting on Friday to address student, staff, and parent questions and concerns, and adjust as needed.  

    Thank you for all your support in this effort.

    Our goal is for all students to eat breakfast, at school or home, to fuel-up for the day.  Our hope is that by opening up breakfast to all students, 100% of students eligible for free/reduced lunch will stop and take the time to eat breakfast too.