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    Universal Breakfast
    Posted on 02/10/2017


    Lowell Elementary has become an Universal Breakfast school, meaning that all students can eat breakfast for free from now until the end of this school year.

    Attention -- The Universal Breakfast program will begin on Wednesday, February 15th, not on Monday, February 13 as planned as a result of some adjustments needed at the Central office.  Our breakfast program will remain as usual on Monday and Tuesday, February 13 and 14.

    The Universal Breakfast program is the outcome of our partnership with the United Way of King County, which started in August, 2016.

    The BLT, staff, and United Way Americorp leaders have been working on a breakfast program since the beginning of the school year, with a green light to proceed coming last week. We needed time to work out the final decisions, which were completed at yesterday's staff meeting.

    A letter will be going out to families today. It is attached here as well. The timing of the final decision resulted in students being informed prior to parents, for which I apologize.

    As for drop-offs and such, the bus routine remains the same. As for those who walk or are dropped off, students will now enter the building through the front door, rather than the playground gate.

    Please read the information coming out today and posted here.

    This is an exciting time for Lowell!

    Universal Breakfast Kick-Off February 15, 2017


    Currently, 40% or more of our Lowell students eligible for free/reduced breakfast are not eating breakfast at school. The research is clear that having breakfast is directly tied with attendance and achievement. Our goal is to have at least 95% of our students eligible for free/reduced breakfast eating breakfast each and every school day.

    Thanks to our partnership with the United Way of King County, Lowell is now a Universal Breakfast school. This means that all students at Lowell Elementary are now able to obtain free breakfast at school February through the end of this school year (we are working on securing the program for next school year). Our new status requires some adjustments to our current breakfast program.

    Beginning February 15th, students will have two breakfast choices: 1) a breakfast tray that includes hot food, cereal and such, or 2) a grab-and-go-bag that includes a fruit, milk, and a grain. The breakfast tray will be available from 9:15 – 9:25; the grab-and-go-bag will be available from 9:15 to the end of breakfast service.

    All Lowell students will walk through the cafeteria line each morning. Students who are walkers/car/taxi students are now to enter the building through the main, front door of the school and proceed to the cafeteria. The playground gate will be closed. Bus riders will walk through the building to the cafeteria, under adult supervision.

    When going through the cafeteria line, students may select one of the two breakfast choices, or choose not to eat breakfast that day. Each student will receive a water-based hand stamp to help staff identify any students that have not yet gone through the line. Each student needs to move through the line to ensure that all students have equal access to breakfast. There are three sister schools launching this same program, and they have not had significant difficulties in having all students walk through the line; we are hoping for the same at Lowell.

    Students, kindergarten through first grade, will eat their breakfast in the cafeteria.* If they did not choose breakfast that day, they will go outside to recess. Students, second through fifth grade, will have different choices. Those who opt for the breakfast tray will sit and eat in the cafeteria; students who choose the grab-and-go-bag may either sit and eat in the cafeteria, or put the bag in their backpack to eat later in the classroom. The option to eat later is based on research that has shown some students feel stigmatized/uncomfortable eating breakfast in the cafeteria; some feel too rushed in the morning to sit down and eat; and others want to be with their friends, playing outside.

    Thank you United Way of King County and Seattle Public Schools for bringing Universal Breakfast to Lowell Elementary. We have hungry Dragons.

    *Kindergarten and first grade students who need more time to eat breakfast will take their food into their classrooms to finish.

    A Quick Look at Universal Breakfast and Morning Entrance Changes

    With the help of United Way of King County, Lowell Elementary will now be a Universal Breakfast School. This means that all students will be able to obtain free breakfast at school. The generosity of UWKC will significantly help a large portion of our students.

    Universal Breakfast will begin Wednesday, February 15th, along with some changes to the morning routine:

    • Students must report to the cafeteria before going to the playground. Students dropped off by their parents will enter the school through the main entrance by the office after 9:15 AM, not by the playground. Bus riders will also walk through the cafeteria before going outside.
    • While this change requires every student to go through the cafeteria line, they are not required to get breakfast. They will just walk through the breakfast line and obtain a washable stamp to go to the playground.
    • We understand this is a significant change to the morning routine, but we hope you will be supportive in our effort to give all children the opportunity for a healthy breakfast every morning.
    • Please direct questions about this new breakfast model to Zina Card at and Kiara Fitzpatrick at

    Học sinh sẽ đươc ăn sáng miễn phí kể từ hôm nay đến cuối năm học. Hoc sinh phải xếp hàng vô ăn sáng từ 9:15-9:25 sau đó ra sân chơi. Học sinh cũng có thể lấy túi đồ ăn của mình mang vô lớp ăn sau.

    Todos los estudiantes de Lowell tendrán Desayuno Gratis desde ahora hasta el final del año escolar. Los estudiantes tendrán que hacer fila en la cafetería para su desayuno desde 9:15-9:25 y después irán al receso. Los estudiantes podrán llevar su desayuno y podrán comer en sus aulas.

    從現在起至本學年完結, 所有Lowell學生均會有免費早餐。學生需於早上9:15-9:25在飯堂排隊吃早餐, 然後去小息。他們亦能領取早餐袋於課室內進食

    “It is with great anticipation that we finally launch our Grab-n-Go breakfast program at Lowell Elementary! As an AmeriCorps member with UWKC, it has been a joy to see this program successfully implemented at other schools around King County. Thousands more children now have the opportunity to eat breakfast at school, concentrate more in class and perform better academically. The success of this program will depend on the flexibility, positivity and excitement of everyone involved. We are so excited to bring breakfast to all students at Lowell. See you at the Dragon Diner!”

    -Kiara Fitzpatrick, AmeriCorps Member

    Kiara Fitzpatrick

    “It has been fantastic to work at Lowell Elementary these past few months, and I am so excited to get this breakfast program going! The students here are full of so much life and potential, and I want to work to make sure they all have every opportunity for success. All of the staff, students, and parents here have been so welcoming and supportive, and I look forward to working as a team to make sure every child at Lowell is able to start their day with a healthy breakfast.”

    -Zina Card, AmeriCorps Member

    Zina Card