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    The Source and Schoology
    Posted on 08/23/2018
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    What is the Source?
    The Source displays attendance, assessment scores and secondary student assignment grades. Elementary grades are not displayed on the Source at this time. SchoolPay, Data Verification, Schoology Access Codes and other family resources are also found on the Source.

    What is Schoology?
    Schoology is our Learning Management System (LMS). Teachers may use Schoology to post assignments, messages, events, and calendar items.

    Who has Source access (aka Quick Lookup for staff)?

    • Students have access to the Source via their student account
    • Parents and guardians may set up a Source account using these steps: To set up an account:
      • Parent or guardian must be in PowerSchool > Demographics > Student Contacts
        • Email Address
        • Parent/Guardian box selected
    • Staff with PowerSchool access may search for a student and select Quick Lookup in the upper left
    • Teachers with PowerTeacher access use the Backpack icon to select Quick Lookup from the drop-down menu

    Who has Schoology access?

    • Students have access to the Schoology via their student account
    • Parents and guardians may set up a Schoology account using the Schoology Access Code on their Source account and these steps:
    • Staff who are not contractors, however, if the contractor has a PowerSchool account, they may have Schoology access.

    Source Resources:

    Schoology Resources for families:

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