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    State Tests Started This Week
    Posted on 04/25/2019
    Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

    The State of Washington requires us to give the Smarter Balanced Assessment to almost all students in grades 3-5. There is an alternate assessment for students with profound disabilities. The Smarter Balanced Assessment, or SBA test is designed to show two things. First, it is used to show an individual student’s progress as compared to the grade level standards in Reading and Math in all three grades, as well as in Science in 4th grade. Secondly, it’s used to measure the success of our school.

    Our test scores have been quite low for the last few years. There are many factors that contribute to low scores, most importantly including the amount of time we’ve had each student enrolled at our school. We find our best results with the students we’ve had the opportunity to teach the longest. We hope and believe that with the important changes we’ve made this year, we will see growth in our test scores. We certainly see it in our students from day to day.

    The more they show their best work on the SBA, the more this is a useful learning process for students and the better they will score. If they spend the testing time clicking randomly, the test will be a waste of time. If they give it their all, they get a good chance to try out some of the things we’ve taught them. What we don’t want is for our students to be worried about this test. The test is just one measure on one day and for any individual student, and it could be affected by small things like having a cold or going to bed a little late. Our students’ day to day work in class is the best preparation they can get for this test, but if you’d like for your student to practice taking this test, I’ve included a link below.