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    Start of School Information from the Principal
    Posted on 08/14/2019
    back to school! welcome!

    August 14, 2019

    Hello Families,

    I’m so excited about the upcoming school year! School will start on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 8:55. We’ll release at 3:25 for this first day; every other Wednesday will be an early release at 2:10.

    On the first day, students will receive teacher assignments as they come off the bus. Adults with clipboards will be everywhere letting kiddos know where to go. Then we’ll all meet in the cafeteria to find each other before going to class.

    Teachers and community members have been in the building all summer this year, and we’ve done some amazing things! First, we held our first summer staircase ever, where we had fun and unique learning opportunities for our students and some students from neighboring schools. That learning gives us a boost for the start of the year and helps us avoid the “summer slide”, which is when students forget much of what they learned last year over the summer. Hopefully, all our students have read ten books this summer, as part of the district’s Seattle Super Readers challenge. If not, it’s not too late to start!

    We have four new staff members joining us this year. Summer Jupin and Rachel Mateo will be joining the Laura Schulz in intermediate and teaching 4/5 combo classes. Venise Lee will join Nancy Parks and Amanda Spring teaching first grade. Megan McMackin will be joining us to teach a 2/3 combo class, and teaming with Hannah Moffit teaching 3rd.

    Of course, our class configurations depend on our enrollment being correct. If you know anyone who plans to come to Lowell, but hasn’t registered yet, please tell them to register! It’s now an online process and much easier than it used to be. For more information, visit the SPS Enrollment website.

    Boys and Girls' Club before and after school care registration starts on August 15. They will help us meet the needs of our families outside of school time much more than we've been able to do in the past.

    Our community partners have really been active this summer! Vulcan, a local innovation company, has spent all spring and summer preparing for a massive overhaul of our building. You’ll see the changes right away when you come back – new paint is one of the more obvious ones, but some technology enhancements and deep cleaning are also happening! Our staff is very excited to see the overhaul of our staff lounge. The company will also help put together our food pantry with amazing new cabinets and refrigeration. Vulcan is sending 400 (!) volunteers on August 26 to bring a TON of LOVE to our community! Thanks, Vulcan!

    Another company that is really throwing some love our way is Office Depot. They’ll be providing every single student with a backpack full of supplies this year in a fabulous assembly on Friday, September 6th at 9:00. This should be an amazing good time! The superintendent is coming and there will be some great surprises. You’re invited to join us in the fun.

    Our local churches have again teamed up to bring many volunteers to Lowell. Union Church and St. Mark’s Cathedral, are coming for a day of service on August 25. Among many exciting projects, they will be painting a beautiful dragon mural on our gym wall!

    Various neighbors have called to offer help, including the Junior League, Windermere Real Estate, and individual neighbors. They’ve offered everything from snacks to red rubber balls to interior design to reading help. We appreciate every gift we receive; it all goes to making our school an amazing place for our students.

    A group of community organizations including Capitol Hill Housing, The Country Doctor, Odessa Brown Clinic, Schemata Workshop, the City of Seattle Health Department, and the School Based Health Center Alliance have come together to help us use our grant from Kaiser Permanente to begin planning for a health clinic at Lowell. We’re hopeful that with their help, we’ll be able to open something in the fall of next year. Please look for surveys and meeting dates for gathering information from families about what would best serve students here. We need you to make this the right kind of clinic for our school and families.

    It’s been said many times that it takes a village to raise its children; our village is definitely having a very joyful time helping us prepare to start the school year feeling wrapped in love.

    I can’t wait to welcome you and your child back to school.


    Sarah Talbot