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    Special Education

    In the early 1960's Lowell was remodeled to provide facilities for special needs children. The building has accessible hallways and an elevator. Lowell's schoolyard contains a handicapped-accessible playground. The nationally recognized Low Incidence Special Education program offers excellent and challenging opportunities for students with developmental disabilities, sensory impairments and/or severe orthopedic handicaps. Instruction takes place in a secure, warm environment. The program emphasizes academic and social skills in a larger community setting, including the school community of regular education learners and the outside world. 

    Early Childhood Preschool

    There are three (3)  Early Childhood Preschool programs on campus serving children, ages 3 - 5 years old and a program for elementary school aged children with a variety of handicapping conditions. The Early Childhood Developmental Preschool has two half-day sessions during which children work in individual, small and large group settings. Each session includes a wide variety of activities such as pre-academic skills, art, music, fine and gross motor, enrichment and speech therapy.

    Occupational and Physical Therapy

    The Lowell Occupational and Physical Therapy department is staffed by highly experienced therapists. Children receive therapy services to enhance their range of motor and functional skill development, including the ability to walk, use a wheelchair, learn pencil skills, oral motor skills (eating), and to use adaptive equipment to enhance independence. Computer technology is an integral part of students' programs, enhancing fine motor and written communication skills.

    Educational and Cultural Exchange

    We have initiated a unique educational/cultural exchange program benefiting our special education children. 1998, with British Airways providing airfare and the support of the PALS PTA, five special education children from England came to Lowell School and stayed for four days. Visiting students and Lowell families enjoyed a variety of exciting activities culminating in a special Thanksgiving dinner shared at the school. In February 1999, three Lowell special education students traveled to England. Establishing the Lowell Exchange as a permanent program opens the possibility of bringing children from all over the world.